Tuesday 31 March 2020

Lockdown is tough on dogs

Rusty is used to going everywhere with me - to the hardware store, shops, visiting her granny and my friends. Every evening we go for a run or walk, often heading out of town to run on neighbouring farms.

For the past four days (we're on Day 5 today), we've been stuck at home. We play a bit of ball in the garden, I get her to run with me when I do circuit training and she hangs outside for a lot of the day if I'm out there gardening or reading. We did have an outing on Sunday when I did shopping for my mom, but for the rest, Rusty's 'normal' is completely disrupted.

With people, you can tell them what is going on. For a dog? They don't know what is happening. My mental state is fine but I think there are a lot of regularly-walked dogs that are going to take strain.

This morning, I let Rusty out of the gate and we went to the corner of our block and back. I think I'll do this with her once or twice a day.

We're also trying some dog training and I'll keep up with activities with her in the garden that I am so fortunate to have.

Rusty looking a big glum this morning.

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