Sunday 1 March 2020

Photos with my dog

There is an awesome photo studio in Parys called Kiki's Vintage Photo Studio. Belinda is a talented photographer with a lovely style. She had a special in Feb with an offer of two prints for R100. I found out about this after a friend went to have photos done of her grandsons.

My mom and I took the opportunity to have our photos taken with our dogs.

We love our photos. Rusty outshone me - she is such a pretty girl. I've got the two black-and-white prints at home in frames. The colour one was a bonus photo from Belinda. 
Rusty doing her happy sticky-out tongue thing.
Sitting like this on the couch made me look chubby - but Rusty looks magnificent - smile included.
This is my favourite xxx

My mom with Rosy. 
We've got other friends-with-dogs heading to Belinda too. 15 minutes with Belinda = special moment with our dogs preserved xxx

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