Sunday 30 May 2021

Meet Tony. Retired. Dog walker.

I first met Tony just over a week ago and I bumped into him today at the same place - we were both coming up a road to access a trail section.

Tony is retired and he spends his days walking dogs. 

He has a number of dogs that he fetches a few times a week (or daily) for outings. He takes them on the trails and also for swims. Sometimes he has two together or, like today, four dogs together. The dogs were all very well behaved.

We walked a short section together today, Rusty and Rosy mingling with the four dogs that Tony had with him. He loves the indigenous forest section and clearly delights in the dogs' joy too.

I think Tony is awesome! He likes walking, loves dogs and is kept busy in his retirement. From what I can tell, he has been doing this for a number of years already. He seems fit and healthy - the walks are certainly a benefit to him too. 

Very cool.

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