Thursday 28 October 2021

Will it still matter a year from now?

 October's calendar from 'Action For Happiness' is themed 'Optomistic October'. It has some gems.

Today's one is a goodie: "Ask yourself, will this still matter a year from now?".

Over the past 18-months there are many things that I deal with every day that three years, five years, 10 years ago would have stressed me out completely. And now I take the "it is what it is" approach.

There are very few things that will matter a year from now. Thank goodness.

These calendars are really good. They hit the mark so many times each month. 

The entry on the 25th was spot-on too. I've been taking days or chunks of hours the past two weeks, ignoring other tasks, just to be able to focus and make headway on some big tasks. The 27th follows from this.

I wonder what November holds.

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