Friday, 30 October 2009

Branded sporty tops

I haven't had branded clothing for many years - so I am delighted to present these fabulous branded First Ascent Trail Tee shirts. As I'm currently arranging branded gear for Team and I thought I'd open the branded clothing up to you too. And perhaps you may want to wear it while you follow our team online as we tear across the Gulf and the desert at the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in December (works for rugby!).

The Trail Tee is a relatively new item in First Ascent's trail running range and our team is wearing them for racing in Abu Dhabi. We've decided to go with white as Abu Dhabi is a 'clean' race; no mud or wag 'n bietjie bushes out in the desert. White is also well suited to road and trail running, general training and gym - I won't be taking mine orienteering because the white will turn brown in minutes!

The mens First Ascent Trail Tee is available in small to XXL.
The ladies First Ascent Trail Tee is available in small to XL.
See the sizing chart on First Ascent's website.

This special branded First Ascent Trail Tee is available in white only.

While looking at branding options for Team, I discovered the most fantastic rubberised badges. The background is clear and the lettering is elevated. Each top will have two badges; one on the sleeve cuff and one on the back, just below the collar. These are the best badges that I've had for in 8.5 years - they look amazing.

The mens and ladies Trail Tees are R215.00. This price excludes delivery. On order, I will provide banking details. Confirmation of transfer confirms your order. Orders must be placed by noon on Monday, 9 November 2009.

It will take about two weeks from when the orders are placed until you receive your shirt. If you're in Joburg/Pretoria, I will happily hand deliver at local events or Adventure Racing Club evenings. If you're outside of Jo'burg, your shirt/s will be sent counter-to-counter by Speed Services. I recommend asking your friends if they'd like one too as it is more cost effective to share the postage. Speed Services is currently R61.66 up to 1kg (approx 5-7 shirts - weight affected by size and whether male or female shirts).

In addition, I'll include a reflective slapband with every shirt. These are valued at R10 each and are brilliant for cycling/running in poor light, or at night.

Place your order by emailing Please specify:
  • Sizes
  • Number of items
  • Mens or ladies First Ascent Trail Tee
  • Delivery preference (hand delivery or counter-to-counter postage)
    If you specify counter-to-counter, include your POSTAL ADDRESS and NAME of preferred post office.
Yay! This is so much fun!

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