Friday, 30 October 2009

Lucky draw - please whoop for joy

Tonight I attended a lovely evening, a social meet-and-mingle and movie viewing to benefit the Faces of Hope Foundation. They provide financial support for individuals with life threatening illnesses. The movie we watched was The Ultimate Gift (2007; I didn't see it back then), a lovely feel-good movie. [Is it just me or does actor Drew Fuller look like a certain adventure racer?]

David James, the bad cop from District 9, did the MC-ing. He's a super MC and a general nice guy. I haven't seen the movie but having seen him tonight it is hard to picture this likeable fellow as a sadistic mercenary.

One of the pre-movie treats was a lucky draw. I LOVE LUCKY DRAWS. It isn't the prizes that I'm after - I just dig being lucky.

At orienteering we have lucky draws at prize giving. When AR Club hosts events I do the buying of prizes. The items are low value - dried fruit, sweeties, chips, cookies, biltong, chocolate... fun treats. And I love participating, whooping when I am called, clapping for others and if a name/number is called and they are not there or they don't respond quickly I answer with, "Snooze, you lose".

So, tonight we have this lucky draw with really, really cool prizes. People's numbers are drawn - and they just sit there, slowly getting up to claim their prize like they were being led to the gallows! Since the prize is not R1-million, they couldn't possibly be shell-shocked; they're just slow and unexpressive. If your number - we had only one each - is 76 and the dude calls 76, there's no need to hire a detective. You just need to shout "Yes".

I've seen this same 'Lemme not be happy about winning a prize' attitude at every event. What is it? Shyness and inhibition? Phhhllleeezzzeee! What is so wrong with expressing a little joy at being chosen to receive a prize? People look more like dorks when they're unenthusiastic than when they dance a jig up to the stage.

The thing about lucky draws is the following:
  • Generous sponsors have donated prizes - their product or services - for the lucky draw
  • Someone has taken a lot of time and effort to source prizes, cut-out numbers and to make it happen so that you have a extra fun element to the event / evening
Clapping, cheering and whopping is positive affirmation for the organiser - and prize sponsors - that you like and appreciate what they have done for you.

When your name is called, shout, "That's me!" or "Yay!", leap from your seat and claim your prize with a flourish. Your energy will infuse the crowd and get more people in on the fun. Whoops and yays are infectious, like laughter. Well, they work for me ;)

Next time you're at the same lucky draw as me, I do hope you'll join me with a few expressive whoops. And if you're not at the same draw as me, I do hope you'll lead your crowd with your enthusiastic cheers. Try it.

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Tommy Booth said...

Haha this piece is funny, I really enjoyed it! I definitely concur with the gesture. Izaan and I both love lucky draws, and this year I have been the lucky one. Guess you're always gonna get people who are dragging the mood down, all the more reason to whoopiiiee louder next time!