Thursday, 29 October 2009

Colours of purple... and pink, in Jo'burg

I do most of my running training on roads in and around the suburb of Kensington. At this time of year the roads are beautiful, dressed in purple jacaranda trees and deliciously pink bougainvillea. I especially love seeing the bougainvillea in the jacaranda branches.

I took some photos this afternoon (rain on the way) - yes, Jo'burg really is a pretty highveld city.

Rows of Jacarandas below Langermankop (yes, I do run here on my own, in broad daylight - fast).

Highland Road has jacaranda trees pretty much all the way along from Sovereign Rd to Jeppe Boys.

Bougainvillea on the wall of Kensington Castle

Purple & pink together and two friendly guys who agreed that this was very pretty indeed.

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