Sunday, 28 March 2010

In their 40s and hot

A friend turned 43 last week. He's young, dynamic, energetic and sporty - and he certainly doesn't 'look' or 'act' his age - whatever this means. And I can say the same for a bunch of friends who are now in their 40s. Perhaps this next observation is a thing of 'perspective with age' as I knock off those numbers towards 40; I think it is more because of the environment (sporty) in which I play.

Men in their 40s used to seem so old; so fat; so stuffy. But that was probably because in my teens I only knew 'old' people from a non-sporty environment. And, in this environment many are 'old' in their 40s.

Now, many years later, 40s are not far away and I have many friends in their 40s and 50s (and older) who are far removed from beer guzzing, tv-watching, boep protruding, corporate-ladder climbing, stereotypical mid-life years, which is a reality for many.

My perspective is most certainly influenced by my environment because I seen lots of young guys - late 20s and into 30s - who look like they have one foot in the hospital and the other in old age. But the guys I'm talking about move in the same sporting circles as me. They are fun, dynamic and energetic and they'd rather spend their weekends doing crazy races than sprawled on a couch watching sport. After decades of exercise and generally good lifestyle habits, they look younger than their years and their bodies are in great condition. These guys are h.o.t. The same goes for women.

Age is really just a number that marks the passing years. Where many get old before their time, an active lifestyle keeps you young in mind - and body.

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