Friday, 5 March 2010

Spoon fed

Some people collect stamps. Others like wrist watches. I have a thing for camping/hiking sporks and spoons. My small collection started unintentionally years ago when my self-sufficient staged ultra running buddy, Bob (Virginia, USA), gave me a Snow Peak titanium spork (in late-2003). This is a true spork where the top of the spoon is warps into a fork.
Then, in about 2006, my mom saw the plastic Swedish-made Light My Fire spork (it isn't a true spork) at Heathrow airport. She bought me an apple green one. They've been available from Cape Union for some years (I bought one of the oversized salad-server ones there about a year ago).

My most recent acquisition is a Sea to Summit Ultra Light Aircraft Alloy long-handled spoon. It has a great shape and who can resist (I certainly can't) cutlery made from cool materials - like aircraft alloy? Adventure Inc are local agents and I've seen them at Outdoor Warehouse (certainly available too through Drifters and other outdoor retailers).

So what do I use these spoons and sporks for? I always take one to multiday races - usually the titanium spork because it has been to so many events and it is a kinda tradition. At home I like using them for eating desserts or other such treats.

It's a silly thing, but fun nonetheless.

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Celine said...

Super idea. I like the green one, if only for its colour. And then I see the following advert on UK telly for knork! Ha ha!

Celine x