Thursday, 18 March 2010

Warrior on the Wartrail

This weekend is Wartrail weekend; a three-day event in the Eastern Cape. I went down to Winter Wartrail  in July-2007, when I took part in the event in a ladies team. I did the mountain running section and the other two girls, Daleen and Lauren, did the mountain biking and paddling stages. This weekend I'll be doing the whole thing.

I'm not concerned about the running and paddling because I'm most comfortable on foot and I've got months of paddling behind me. But the mountain biking... I don't ride often (mostly just at races) and I've only had a few once/twice a week spin bike sessions. And now I'm going into a 135km ride! Hey, it's not like I haven't done this type of thing before - but I already know that my butt is gonna be sore; and I'll have to spend the next day sitting on it in the boat.

I'm also really excited about the run because I haven't been in those mountains for years; and I'm sure it is looking beautiful. I'll have my little camera with me so I'll take some super photos to post on my return.

As for the paddle... my original paddle partner had to cancel two weeks ago, so I'm paddling with Tommy. We're in a stable Accord, so there are no problems there. This will be Tommy's first time on a river - and I think this will be his longest paddle. I have little doubt that we'll have fun in the boat. I'll be in the driving seat.

How wonderful to be a warrior this weekend, exploring amazing terrain and surrounded by adventurous buddies from all over the country. Lovely.

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