Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Facing this year

As January rolled around I couldn't stop thinking, "But I'm not ready for this year!". Staying in bed, under the covers seemed a more attractive option. I didn't get much of a break in December with Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge, back to work for two weeks and then moving during the last week of December; and I was fried from a really exhausting year. I really wasn't ready to face the year ahead, which I knew would hit like a bomb. And it did.

We'll we're six weeks into the year and FEAT has just happened - that was a biggie; lots of admin and communication and logistics and planning.

I haven't done any races this year - not even orienteering; but my training has been consistant and solid and I'm feeling way more chilled and comfortable than I have for a long time. I'm really enjoying my running and I generally succeed in stilling the naughty monkey mind to be in the present and not always thinking and planning ahead and making lists of things to do. This has definitely made my runs way more enjoyable.

One of my AR friends asked whether I wanted to do a two day race in March, the Kinetic Full Moon. I do, but I don't. I'm just so not feeling ready to organise and communicate, whether organising other people or organising myself. I'm happy to just run around my neighbourhood or meet friends for one-on-one runs.

The orienteering season starts soon - I'm looking forward to this. I'm also keeping my eyes on some other running races. I still don't really feel ready to face the year so instead it's back to basics for me for the next few months - recooperation - as I aim to focus my energy on a couple of projects... and me.


Jennifer Jensen said...

Hi, Lisa. I love this picture - did you take it, or is it from somewhere else? I'd like to use it in my blog and need to figure out where to get permission. Thanks!

adventurelisa said...

Hi Jennifer, I found it online. Don't know where from. Lisa