Saturday, 3 January 2009

Clean your slate

I've never been big into New Year and overambitious resolutions; I make small resolutions (I think of them as tweaks) throughout the year as and when I think of things I need to, want to and should do. No need to wait for 1 Jan to do things that are good for you.

The one thing about New Year... it is almost like completing a project or the last episode in a tv series season. It is good to get to the end of something, even though you know another season of the series awaits.

We tend to live too much in the past (memories, good times, hording sentimental items) and the future (always planning for weeks, months and years ahead) and not enough in the present. New Year helps to cut part of a tie with the past; to clean the slate and start again.

That's good because it focuses you a bit more on being positive, full of expectation for the months ahead and open to [creating] opportunities now and in the future.

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