Sunday, 25 January 2009

Track pt3: Lots of 200m repeats

I was too late on Thursday to make it to track. This was probably a good thing because my calves were getting stiff after the Wednesday night step aerobics class. I've been stepping fairly consistently - at least once a week - for the better part of 16-years. The dance classes I started attending in May last year clashed with step, so I traded. Anyway, I had a gap on Wednesday and the gym was packed, so step was a good option. The class was good and I made it through without falling off - it's like riding a bicycle. By Friday I could feel my calves everytime I stood up after sitting for a while.

Back to the track thing... Alex sms'd the track session on Thursday and I'm going to be doing it at lunchtime on Monday. Alex and Sarah claim the session to be "good fun". It is 20 x 200m repeats with 30-seconds rest (standing still).

Remember to warm up and cool down with easy jogging of 800m to 1km. Enjoy.

POST SCRIPT: I received a sweet email from a good friend this morning. In it he says, "You do realise I have been running track again because of your most intriguing blogs? I am actually going to try and run 1500m on the track this coming week." That's the spirit! Go, go, go.

I do hope some other readers are at least thinking about trying the track thing. It really is fun.

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