Saturday, 31 January 2009

A few good reasons to watch telly

I don't have a tv - I haven't had one since I moved home in August. And I don't want one either because, as you know, unless you have DSTV... well then there isn't much to watch on One, Two and Three, which is what I had before. And I don't want satellite because all I'll do is waste hours flicking from one channel to the next; which is what I do when I get my hands on a satellite remote control.
What I have been doing is working through tv series DVD boxsets (the joy of DVD players on laptops), specifically Prison Break (Season 1), Alias (Season 1, 2, 3) and I've just finished Brothers & Sisters (Season 1). It's taken me about 6-months to work through them - and there are still more delightful seasons to watch!

Wentworth Miller is THE reason to watch Prison Break

Rob Lowe is so THE reason to watch Brothers & Sisters

Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan are THE reasons to watch Alias

OK, so I'm like every other girl on this planet who thinks Wentworth, Rob and Michael are totally dishy; and who wouldn't want to be Jennifer beating up the bad guys in sizzling h.o.t. & s.e.x.y. outfits?


Anonymous said...

just finished watching Alias 1-5. addictive, I just couldn't pace myself!

And Of course prison Break! njammies!


coydogheath said...

hey, whats new? i am recently seperated and trying to reposition my life. and you?