Thursday, 15 January 2009

Track pt2: Burning rubber!

Track session part 2 took place tonight. Alex Pope, accompanied by sister Sarah - also an accomplished orienteer, came through to the grassy school track too. Well,tonight's session was a tough-tough-tough one, with 600m and 400m repeats. I'm gonna feel this one tomorrow.

If you'd like to give it a try...

Warm-up by jogging easy around the track twice. Then do 4 x 100m strides, running at a good pace and focusing on stretching out your legs. Then the fun starts...

The session involves 600m, 1:30 rest, then 400m. That's one set. Do four setswith 2:30 rest between sets. But, there's a catch. The third set... instead of a rest between the 600m and 400m, erase the rest and run 1000m straight. The last set will have the 1:30 rest between 600m and 400m. Nasty - but you feel good for it afterwards, not during.

The one really nice thing about track is that even if you're not as fast as the others, like me, you still just do your own thing according to your watch (it does help to have a watch that takes splits). You see the other people on the track and if they're in a rest session and you're running, they shout words of encouragement, which is really sweet.

The guys were talking tonight about a wicked session that includes wicked repeats (more on this when we do it). Arthur and the others were relating tales of suffering rather gleefully. Mmmm... I can see track is going to be an adventure. I look forward to getting my revenge when I can rope them into attending a local orienteering event. Hahahaha

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