Sunday, 20 September 2009

1st at the 4th Kinetic Urban Adventure

With Lauren away at Southern Storm, we were fortunate to recruit Carine to our all-girls Triumph AR team for this 4th Kinetic Urban Adventure held from the Broadacres Shoppng Centre in the Fourways area. Big buzz and lots of teams present at the race - and the venue (Outer Limits Restaurant) looke festive with sponsor banners all over the place and the big inflatables in the garden.

The race format was a little different for this event. There were the two cycle legs (one orienteering-style on a rod map and the other with rally-style instructions), as before. The first run leg related to a map of the Broadacres Shopping Mall and our instructions guided us from one location to the next - we had to answer questions on each of the locations. What I only found out some time after the race is that we could get the checkpoints in ANY order; rogaine-style. We went in number order! Probably cost us 15-minutes...

The second "run" leg was hosted by the nearby Virgin Active gym. This was a relay where we each picked a discipline - rowing, treadmill, stationery bike - to do a 1km distance. We chose well with Debbie on the rower me on the treadmill and Carine on the bike.

And fnally, those large inflatable obstacles.

Although there were alot more all-girls teams (12 I think), we managed to hold on to our first place. Again we were spoilt by Heidi and Stephan and their team with our first place vouchers followed by lucky draw prizes. Again this was a superb event and I can definitely recommend that you come to the 5th and final event of the Series, which takes place on Sunay, 29 November 2009. Venue to be announced. These events are also perfect for first-timers. Heidi, Stephan and your team - well done! We love taking part in your events.

Finally - and most importantly - our thanks to Triumph for their sponsorship of our team entry. We also get fabulous Triumph sports bras with each race so we get to try different styles in Triumph's range. We're all Triumph girls anyway, so this really is a treat.

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Carine said...

was GREAT racing with you girls, thank you for a fun morning :)