Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Destination running

With the public holiday last Thursday, I decided to visit my uncle; he lives 7.8km from me, as the crow flies - and 11km, as the human runs. I've run there a few times before - sometimes taking a longer route to get there and then running home again. I haven't done this for about 3-months (not since Michael G. and I went to run an out-of-Joburg road race, arrived in the wrong town, drove back to Joburg and went on a long run, visiting my uncle midway for a colddrink).

Thursday had perfect weather - warm, but not too hot; a slight breeze and clear blue skies. This was my first proper training run since returning from TransRockies Run. After that crazy post-return weekend with the 100-miler and trail run, I thought my legs deserved a thank you; so I've stuck with paddle training and dance classes.

I felt great! And while I was running I was thinking about this 'destination running' thing. In training and in racing, we run in circles - literally. What I really enjoy about staged ultra races is that we usually run from one camp to the next; our origin and destination are two different locations. The same applies to adventure racing where you journey from one transition to the next; the latter located a distance from where you began.

The only limitation to destination running is, "How do I get home?".

Variation 1: Pick a destination, like the shops (DVD store works for me too), friend/family's home. Run to it and then run home.

Variation 2: Phone a friend. Arrange tea. Run to their place. Have tea. Get a lift home.

Variation 3: You've got a lunch planned at a friend's house. Leave early and run from home. Your partner can leave later, transporting your shower stuff and presentable clothing. Arrive at your friend's place. Shower and then be sociable, enjoying a well-earned lunch.

And now for my finest concept...

Variation 4: For this you need a runner friend... Plan a route between your house and theirs. They start from their house, you start from yours. You run a common route, meeting somewhere near the middle. Swop car keys (and gate keys). You continue to their house; they continue to theirs. On arrival, you fire up their car and start driving to a designated meeting point on the route. Say hi to each other, swop cars and drive home in your car.


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