Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Kilian breaks Tahoe Lake Rim record - by over 6hrs!

Kilian Jornet, the Spanish-wunderkind runner, broke the Tahoe Lake Rim record last night. He ran the 165-mil (264km) trail route in 38hrs32, which is 6h20 faster than the previous record set by Tim Twietmeyer in 2005. Kilian's target was 40 hours.

Kilian started running Monday morning and finished Tuesday night. He was paced by a number of accomplished trail runners and mountain bikers. He took an unintentional detour during the night, which they estimate could have cost him an hour; he also slept for two hours.

I followed his run, intermittantly, through Facebook (Salomon Running group); his pacers were sending regular Tweets and Status updates. There are also a number of YouTube videos; they show Kilian's relaxed and easy running style and pace.

It is quite exciting when a young runner, like Kilian, does such exciting running. I'm not sure what his next 'Quest' run is going to be, but it will certainly be worth keeping an eye on his conquests. I'd love to see him out here on the SkyRun route... (yes, I have suggested it to the media people working with Kilian).

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