Saturday, 26 December 2009

Gifts I'd rather not receive

It's xmas, a time of year synonymous with gifting. But there are some gifts that I'd rather not receive - like those brought to me with peeps of delight by 'my' cat. I say 'my' because he is actually my neighbour's cat - but he spends a lot of time with me.

Karel the Cat is a generous soul; he delights in frequent gift giving. As we've bonded, I'm the frequent recipient of gifts. I've had full birds, half birds or just a wing and I've also received many mice (usually deceased) and also a big rat. Most of the time these are nightly gifts, delivered with peeps, purrs, rumbles and the excited jingling of the bell around his neck, in the small hours after midnight.

Fortunately I don't get gifts every week; but there are times when his affections peak. Like this week. Karel has really leapt into the festive spirit of giving. A few days ago he delivered a dove, after midnight, dropping it on my bedroom floor and lying back, like the sphinx, so that I could delight in his offering. The dove and cat were urged out the window. This morning, at 04h30, I received a mouse. And I've just taken delivery of another (not quite dead) mouse.

I'm sure another cat would be charmed; I'm not entirely - for obvious reasons. But, considering the spirit in which they're given, and his unabashed delight in these captured treasures... As a concession I thank him for his kindness and consideration before tossing him (and the gift) out the window.

There are another three cats here (none of them mine; my kitty lives with my mom), but Karel and I took an immediate shine to each other and he has been a loving companion for well over a year. He is quite protective and he tells the other cats off when they come visiting. Sadly his folks are moving at the end of January; I'm very fond of this cat so I'll miss him dearly.

If you're wondering about his breed... Karel is a Maine Coon. He's the first I've ever 'met'. They're known for their larger than normal size, intelligence, love of water, big paws, soft and silky fur... very affectionate too and often talkative, especially when bearing gifts.

Snoozing on my couch... I do overindulge him.

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