Thursday 31 December 2009

World Run runner in SA

In 2005 and 2006 he ran 26,000 kilometers around the World, travelling West-East from Europe and through Asia, Australia and North America. 38 year old Jesper Olsen is currently running North-South from Europe, the Middle-East and through Africa. He has just entered South Africa from Swaziland.

World Run 1 (two years, 26,000km)

World Run 2 (currently underway; started July 2008)

Jesper has logged just over 19,200km in the past 18-months! As he runs through South Africa he'll generally be following the N2 highway from Swaziland, through KZN, Eastern Cape and along the coast to Cape Town.

Jesper welcomes runners on the road with him - you can check the Live Coverage tracking on the World Run website to locate him (he is passing Pongola Dam). Jesper generally covers 30 – 45 km a day, at about 6min/km.

He also appreciates a comfy bed, good meal and friendly company so if you live near his route, do make contact with Phil Essam, Jesper's logistics guy ( We already have a number of people who will be hosting Jesper, with lots of space for more hospitality. And if you've got a few days on your hands you can be a support driver for Jesper.

If you are able to accommodate Jesper, the general procedure is as follows:

You first make contact with Phil letting him know where you are located. He'll plan you into Jesper's itinerary and send you confirmations. Jesper will then make contact with you via mobile phone (sms) as he nears your neck of the woods. You pick him up at the end of his ‘run day’ and then take him to your home for the night: a meal, bed and then take him back to spot where you picked him up the previous day to continue his run - perhaps join him for a bit? Phil (his vital support link, based in Canberra) describes, "I think the biggest thing Jesper likes and appreciates is people joining him on the road for a run, kind words and conversation and the bed/meal for the night". It's just a great way for Jesper to experience a country.

Jesper, welcome to South Africa!

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