Thursday, 31 December 2009

Running, not ringing, in the New Year

A bunch of us went through to the New Year's eve for an Old Years 10km road run in Pretoria. The run started at 5pm so it was still very hot outside (Nic's car said it was 32C when he arrived at 16h30). A pleasant route winding through the suburb of Rietondale.

There's nothing like a nice festive run to welcome another year.

Wishing you all health, fitness, happiness and fulfillment over the next year.

Tommy, Sarah, Mike, Lisa, Nicholas, Garry T and Alex

Rietondale is a lovely leafy suburb. The route was confined to a small area where it meandered up, down and between residential blocks. The course is a double-lapper where the second 5km lap is only a little different to the first. There were three places where residents had their garden sprinklers on - we all made a bee-line for the water.

Nicholas, Garry and Alex shooting the breeze post run.

Next career... showgirl? With my 'Old Years Run' medal...

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LOVE the new 'do!