Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Radio gaga

Have I had fun these past two days!
Yesterday (Tuesday), I spent an hour in-studio at 702 radio with Simon Gear, chatting about the sports of adventure racing and orienteering. Simon is a friend, so it was good fun being in studio with him. He does know what adventure racing is about and a few months ago he came through to orienteering with his family - so he is well-versed.

I also announced on-air that I am looking for novices to take part, with me, in the Diamond Dash 50 in late-Feb. I've already had a few 'applications'. I'll recruit other experienced racers to take additional novices through this race. My objective is that these novices, with their new-found confidence, will enter the Kinetic Adventure series with each other. Hip-hip-hurray!

And this evening, recruited by producer Tehilla, I chatted to David at community radio station Chai FM about adventure racing. Years ago he did Ironman and he's done Dusi, so he understands endurance sport. And, he also remembers watching Eco Challenge episodes many years back. David is currently standing in for the regular presenter on the show and I look forward to joining him again, on his show, in the near future.

Simon, David and Tehilla, thanks for the opportunity to chat about adventure racing on your shows.

I loooovvveeee radio...

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