Sunday 2 January 2011

Suikerbosrand treat

What better way to start the new year than with a lovely, long morning at Suikerbosrand with friends!

This morning I headed out with Alex, Michael, Nic and Tony for a run on a part of the reserve that I've never been to before. As the trails are only visible in some sections, it was a bit of a bundu bash too - my trail outings very rarely do not include a bundu bash element so it was expected ;)

Suikerbosrand is looking stunning - fresh, green, lots of flowers and quite a bit of water flowing in the streams. We saw a small herd of eland just after the start and again near the end; a small herd of zebra, about five wildebeest together, a springbok and a real winner, a female eland that we were really close to (and she didn't run away for ages!). Nic and Alex saw two young jackal too.

A lovely outing - thanks friends.

Me, Michael, Alex, Tony and Nic

So many pretty flowers!
Tony and Alex walk past the female eland
Tony, Michael and Alex check out the beautiful green hills

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