Monday, 10 January 2011

Third day, third friend, third run

My Monday run buddy is one of my oldest buddies ;) Allison and I went to primary school together and as I recall, although we knew each other from age 5 (yes, we started grade one at age 5; Allison is a month older than me), our friendship really developed when we were in the same class from standard 1 (grade 3 under current terminology). We also lived in the same area (in 'those' days schools were zoned so children attending a school lived within spitting distance of the school) so we'd play together after school sometimes.

Allison now lives in Pretoria (after many years in CT, then Barberton); but often months go past and we don't see each other in person - as it happens. She's been into her running for a few years now, clocking an awesome Comrades last year (sub-9!).

Up, up, up on top at Fotheringham Park
The route I concocted for her this evening (perfect evening; blue skies, gentle sun and everything bright and green and lovely) was a 'reminiscent' route through Kensington. Fun spots included Fotheringham Park, which overlooks Joburg South; Kensington Castle, Rhodes Park and even Allison's old house.
Allison outside Kensington Castle
My dear friend, I hope we will run more together. xxx

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