Saturday 8 January 2011

Seven days, seven friends, seven runs

On Thursday I hooked up a run with my friend, Dane, for this afternoon. He's getting into his running and as we haven't seen each other for a while, I thought it would be nice to do a run-'n-chat with him.

Then, my photographer friend, Ben, asks about a nice spot to shoot a running pic for a magazine. I send through my suggestions and then receive a call in response asking whether I'll meet him there on Sunday morning to be the runner. Okie dokie. So, I figure that since I'm out there, Tony may want to come through and we can run after the shoot. He's keen. So, that's Sat and Sun sorted.

So I'm then thinking about fixing up runs with different friends during the week -  a nice opportunity to catch up.

Monday I'm running with Allison. She's meeting me at my place - I've got a great route in mind.

Tuesday is still available (Lauren had to pass as she's injured her foot). Am waiting for confirmation from another running friend.

Wednesday is a local run with Sarah - we live about 2.5km from each other.

A run with Nic is on Thursday, before our AR Club evening; probably in the area around Kinetic.

And Friday is a run with Tania around Bryanston.

Seven days, seven friends, seven runs. What a great start to the new year ;)

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