Wednesday 9 July 2014

Gilloolies hill repeat party, Sat 19 July 2014

My local Gilloolies (also spelled Gilloolys) hill is wicked! It makes for seriously technical and lung-busting repeats. I've written about it before.

I've got a bunch of people who are keen to give it a go - and it helps to have someone show you the trails. Once you know what is what, you can return again whenever you want.


Saturday, 19 July 2014
14h45 for 15h00 (don't be late - be ready to start at 3pm)
Meet on Fouchee Terrace, Morninghill
Bring a water bottle or hydration pack (you can leave it at the top/bottom)

We don't do the hill 'together'. Each person can set off in their own time and do the hill at their own pace.

I've got a rock at the top and a rock at the bottom that I use as the start and finish spots for each repeat.

Ascents can take as little as 5:30 (or faster?) and up to a couple of minutes longer (even 8 minutes is still hard work). You go at your own pace and you can choose how many repeats to do. Two is good, three is great, four is quite something and five will burn your legs and lungs.

Descents are tricky and take as much or longer than the ascent.

Any shoes - trail or road - are fine. Trail would be preferable.

I hope to see you there. Just rock up if you're keen.

A three-hill repeat session from about a month ago.

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