Wednesday 9 July 2014

The funny thing about cold

We've had a really, really mild winter here in Johannesburg. Sunny days and good short-sleeve-running warmth. Sure, mornings are chilly - but I don't run in the morning if I can avoid it.

I had the most magnificent winter's afternoon run on Sunday - in a tee. And then that nasty cold front from the Cape hit Jo'burg on Monday. Brrr... temperatures have plummeted. I've been soft - I didn't run on Monday or Tuesday. This evening I've got my weekly Wednesday run with my friend Rob - so I'll be getting out there.

Cold is a funny thing.

Last year, when I spent four weeks in Bariloche (Argentina) over winter, it was colder there - every day; but I was always warm. It was snug and cosy in the hostel and the Spanish school and I'd head out from this warmth, dressed warmly, when ever I went out. My gloves, beanie, scarf and jacket would go on before I stepped out the door - so I just never got cold.

To run, I'd head out with long tights (and not even my super-dooper-warm Powerstretch tights!), a thermal long-sleeved top, a very light wind shell (sometimes two - just in case the weather was worse higher up), light running gloves (not always) and two Buffs. And this worked brilliantly. On a few occasions I'd run with the shell tied around my waist.

Running on my birthday last year - in snow! (and sweating)
I don't often have to worry about running in the very cold here. This evening's run will be chilly - but also invigorating. I'm looking forward to it.

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