Tuesday 1 July 2014

Talk about something you know

I like Penelope Trunk. She's a blogger, start-up starter, coach and all kinds of other things. I've probably written about her before. She has a wicked blog that I've been getting for a few years. She's shoots from the hip when it comes to her opinion on raising children and having a career (she's had/done/got both).

This photo was posted on Twitter by @kathylette on 17 June 2014. She writes, "Here is a snap of the Global Summit of Women 2014. Take a look. I don't know whether to laugh or cry."

Before you have a knee-jerk reaction to this, there is, of course, more to this photo than what it appears to be at face value. It was one of a number of panels and apparently what these guys had to say was relevant to their panel (and women). This photo has gone all over the place and has been sufficiently condemned.

Penelope's blog today was a good one. It's entitled "#1 Rule for giving advice to women".

Bottom line is, "If you give advice to women, talk about something you know".

Same goes for just about anything eh? Men too.

Penelope's posts always include loads of links to past articles that she has written. I haven't read even half of them but there are some gems on her site.

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