Tuesday 1 July 2014

Super awesome FEAT newsletter

Every couple of weeks (plus a couple more), I sit down to assemble a FEAT newsletter. It takes hours! Like lots of hours! Part of the assembly is checking up on adventures to see where people are. It is commonplace to get a big media hoo-ha before adventures begin but then little follow-up during and nothing after - so some news takes a while to track down. It's quite fun to see what has been happening and how adventurers are doing if they're still out there.

It's always interesting to see the diversity of adventures - from the discipline to the duration and theme and location and conditions... From one week to the next I even forget who is doing what and when. The newsletter brings it all together in brief little snippets.

This morning I wrapped up the most recent edition of the FEAT newsletter.

You can read a copy *** HERE ***

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