Thursday, 24 June 2010

First daisies

On Easter Friday I sowed three packets of flower seeds - 2 x Namaqualand Flower Mix and 1 x Namaqualand Daisies. My first pretty orange daisies have blossomed this week (northern end of the bed). The full bloom is expected in mid- to late-July; one month to go. Unfortunately some of the plants in the southern end of the bed got nailed by frost last week, during that most bitter cold front. I hope it didn't damage them too much.

Loads of leaves in the bed daily from oak trees on the other side of the road. I like to think the leaves provide a bit of protection from the frost.

Just got home and my daisies are open and BEAUTIFULLY SUNNY.
Enjoy these pics ;)


Anonymous said...

Have you seen these yet?

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adventurelisa said...

Oooohhhh.... I love! What a great concept. Thanks for the link.