Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Mr Frosty is here

This morning, at about 11h15, I got into my car to head off on a few errands. Not even a minute away from my gate I hear a deep "bing" tone - one that I know but have not heard for a year. I looked at the digital display on my dashboard. Mr Frosty!

Mr Frosty is my name for the snowflake symbol that appears when the car measures temperatures of 4°C or lower. His arrival is announced by a polite "bing". Yes, today, the middle of June, at 11h15 the temperature was 4°C.

I think this is the first time - in the four years that I've had my car - that Mr Frosty has appeared during the day. He usually only comes out at night, in winter.

This afternoon I was going to paddle with Adri at Emmies... thank goodness that she got tied up at work. At 16h00 Mr Frosty was only 2°C away from making another appearance! And the wind was whipping up waves. On Emmarentia. Ja.

I just hope it isn't this cold in a week and a bit or we'll freeze our butts off at Kinetic's Full Moon race!

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