Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Measuring paddle distance and speed

I thought of an ideal application for the i-gotU - measuring paddle distance and speed. Last year when Alex and I put in a lot of time on Germiston for Abu Dhabi, we just used time to gauge our improvement. Over about two months we took more than 10 minutes off our time for three big laps.

But with this little toy... I took it out with me this afternoon on Emmarentia and this was the result. I removed the beginning of the trip - from the car, to the dam and messing around; and to the car until I turned off the unit.

According to the stats, we covered 7.14km at an average speed of 8km/hr for 55min 54sec. Fastest speed was 12km/hr - must have been the sprint we did to the finish. We did six laps of Emmies.

It will be fun to compare this in a month's time.

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