Friday, 25 June 2010

Trip-trapping to Trappers

This morning a fortuitous incident occurred. I ordered a bunch of thermal stuff from First Ascent this week, for my Team squad and race teammates for Kinetic’s Full Moon race tomorrow. The courier arrived early this morning – on schedule – but three pairs (of five) of First Ascent’s Powerstretch Tights hadn’t made it into the box with the rest of the goodies.

It’s winter on the highveld and Saturday night is going to be c.o.l.d. These tights are vitally important. I’m sorted because I’ve still got my five (or six) year old tights, but for the people who ordered them...

I phoned First Ascent to let them know; Carmen and Jean got to work, finding a solution immediately. Within 30-minutes they’d arranged for me to collect from Trappers in Fourways (Fourways Crossing). I was to speak to Richard.

When I got there Richard was at the front desk – face looked familiar. He’s the same Richard who used to be at Drifters. I gave him a huge hug – how lucky I was that he agreed to provide the stock; and we then proceeded to chat, catching up on stuff and news.

This is the first time I’ve been to Trappers and it is a lovely store. I didn’t realise that there were so many branches around Gauteng and SA (not in CT)! They’ve got a wide range of First Ascent clothing (including Powerstretch Tights!) and their range of backpacks is super, especially smaller volume (from 10-30l) for trail running and ARs of all distances. The store is well-presented, light, colourful and there’s lots of space and a wide range of products.

First Ascent, thank you for making a plan. Richard @ Trappers – wow! Thank you.

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