Saturday, 12 June 2010

Testing QuickRoute

Nicholas recommended QuickRoute, software designed by an orienteer to superimpose GPS tracks over orienteering maps (QuickRoute software features). I've just given it a try.

First, I scanned my map from the orienteering event at Laurentia Farm last week. Then, I exported my track from the wee i-gotU GPS tracking device software in .gpx format. And then I opened both files in QuickRoute (File >> New).

To overlay the route properly, I dragged points on the route, like the start and finish and some checkpoints so that the route matched correctly. Then I messed with the fun pace gradient shading thing - it colours the track in shades from green (fastest) through yellow and orange to red (slowest) according to my pace (minutes per kilometre). You can see how much slower my pace was in the rocky hills than on the runnable flat from the colours.

And then I exported the composite as a jpeg. Easy. This is the result. Nice toy. Thanks for the reference Nic.

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