Sunday, 21 August 2016

A spot of dirt road mountain biking

At every point of the compass outside of Parys town, we have dirt roads. They just sit and wait for people to run, ride and dirt bike them. I haven't done much mountain biking at all but with Celliers back in the saddle and preparing for Crater Cruise (a big mtb event out here in September), we set Sunday afternoon aside for a ride.

The route we chose is a 25-kilometre loop on the Sasolburg side of town. It's a five kay ride from home to bring the distance total to 35 kilometres.

We took the loop in a clockwise direction. The first 3/4 of the route is definitely the most interesting and I delighted in seeing the numerous properties - accommodation places and farms - that line the route. We also had some quick sightings of the Vaal River and saw a lot of game - hartebees, springbok and, I think, reindeer. And two donkeys.

As with most things, I really should get out on my bike more often. It's always a timeshare issue with running and paddling and biking - of course running always gets first priority.

As an aside,  I ran a really good time at parkrun yesterday despite feeling a bit off - I've been surrounded by sick people all week as a result of a bug going around town. It is good motivation to put in a bit of speed work in the week... One of the ladies told me that she's peeved that I turned 40 recently because now I've moved up an age category so she is no longer first in her age group. Hahahaha.

The area is very attractive with the wide dirt road, game, vegetation, hills, koppies and rock outcrops. But, within another two weeks, Spring will have sprung and everything brown will be dressed in green. Can't wait!

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