Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Day 40 of '40 Days of Running'

Today is Day 40 of '40 Days of Running' and while most days have been smooth, some days my motivation definitely flagged, especially if I was really cold. But, as always, within 10 minutes of hitting the road I would be warm and into it.

For Day 40, I ran with my husky friend, Kiska. Warm afternoon sun, the tug of a husky on a leash and good companionship -  a great combination.

These 40 days have been very good for me. I've needed to commit to myself. I've needed a kick in the priority department - running priority department. I always appreciate the reminder that getting out for a 20 or 30 minute run, even in the dark night and cold of winter, can be done. It is all about defeating those lazy monkey voices and taking them for a run instead of listening to them!

I've also been doing yoga regularly with classes on Tuesday and Friday morning. This too is adding to my feeling of wellness.

This is on annual birthday challenge that I won't be passing up any time soon. I appreciate the benefits of having this focus in so many ways other than just fitness and exercise.

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