Tuesday, 30 August 2016

My copyediting gig on fiverr

A few weeks ago I used the website fiverr to commission a logo design. fiverr hosts 'gigs', service offerings, from thousands of people across the spectrum from logo design to writing, translation, music, video, animation, and a whole host more. I paid $5 and was very pleased with the experience. Although I didn't use the two logos I received (I did like them both), they did give me inspiration and I used part of the one, plus the colour hue that he selected, with my own addition.

Considering that I'm looking to expanding my writing and that I am very much enjoying copyediting, I have just set up my own copyediting gig on fiverr.

Yip, for only $5 I'll improve 500 words of your writing.
Writing doesn't come naturally to everyone. Sometimes you may just need a little assistance to improve what you have written; I'm here to do just that.
Without changing your voice, I'll improve the quality of your writing. Whether what you send to me is a love letter, blog post, web content, business document or formal letter, I'll help you to come across clearly with writing that is error free.
You can trust in my integrity to keep the content of your material in confidence.
Aside from the delight I get from tweaking other people's writing (a challenge for me) - and researching grammar for the elements that I know are not correct but I don't know why - I enjoy learning from the content that I'm editing, which is often on unfamiliar topics.

Good writing is not fancy writing and with services like this so accessible, more people should send their content to a copyeditor for a once over.

If you've got anything you'd like me to look at, book me on fiverr.

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