Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Self-defence classes in Parys

We're very fortunate that for a small town, Parys is very progressive. We've got things like yoga and pilates, rhythmic gymnastics, swimming lessons, Crossfit and karate classes. 

The karate classes are held in a church hall up the road from where I live and twice a year they run once-a-week self-defence classes over a three-month period. My friend did them at beginning of the year and raved about the lessons. A runner, like me, she is often out alone and it does help to have basics to defend yourself - should it be necessary.

The classes started this evening and run every Wednesday night from 6-7pm. My mom, two neighbours and a friend are in the class too - along with a bunch of other women (and one man). 

I am sitting here with a thick lip. My mom is vicious! She really jumps in and I ended up with an elbow in my mouth. Fortunately she didn't knock my teeth out! I'll need to swap her out and find another partner next week so that I don't get home battered and bruised each week. hahahaha

Tonight's class was excellent and I'm sure to learn a lot over the coming weeks.

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