Friday, 19 August 2016

Night paddling, at full moon

Last night my paddle club, Likkewaan Canoe Club, got together to paddle on our stretch of the Vaal River under the full moon. We were on the water just after 19h00 and it was spectacular.

A gathering of paddlers with plastic Epic surfskis recently donated to the club. The young paddlers were quick to grab the surfskis to try them for the first time. Other paddlers were in K1s. Lots of colourful glow sticks were seen on the water. Such fun! Photo from Lee-Ann.  
Warm, hardly a breath of wind and the only ripples on the water were those caused by our kayaks. The moonlight was bright enough to paddle without headlamps; its reflection off the water adding to the silvery glow.

What I did find 'disorientating' was getting on and off the kayak in the dark and onto the floating dock. A very strange sensation.

We had a good gathering of 21 paddlers for the flat water paddle - many of them our younger paddlers. There were also five white water paddlers who paddled from the clubhouse and downstream to the hang bridge. They got in two 'laps' between 7pm and 9pm. These guys all know the river really well so paddling through tricky channels by moonlight is a regular evening of fun for them.

I have barely paddled this winter season an having had such a good summer season, I'm looking forward to getting back on the water regularly.

We're really fortunate to have the club only a few kilometres from home and river all around us.

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