Sunday, 22 February 2009

Day 1 in the desert

What a fantastic day. We started on a jeep track taking a few kilometres to get into the nearby rocky mountains. We stayed at their base running on the tracks across grassy valleys before climbing up a rocky pass. Stunning grassy plain on the other side.

We hugged the base again and hit the first waterpoint in a small dry riverbed. There were cookies, orange wedges, a basin to wash our faces, hand towels... The water points have been done by the Sossusvlei Lodge.

Again hugging the rocky mountain bases and following riverbeds.

I lost the trail to the next waterpoint, coming off a riverbed. We have Google Earth maps for each stage. Also you can't go too far wrong - good line of sight.

Next part was swift and smooth with great height advantage view of the way back and red dunes of the desert to the West. Grasses all over, even in the distant dunes from the rain they have had.

Winning time was 4h27, Buys, a local guy. I was 7th of the 13 runners in 5h13. Temperature was great this morning with cloud cover. From 11am someone turned up the thermostat. Baking!

I didnt get to take photos on my phone, will do so tomorrow. Got great pics on my normal camera. Saw springbuck.

Pic the finish and view from here looing East. Lovely day. Time to eat, shower and have a siesta. They have given us cushy army matresses. Camp is about 200m from finish. We have a pool there, and masseur from hotel. Nice treat.

Oh yes. Hot at night. Did half climb in my sleeping bag around 4am, but definitly not cold.

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