Thursday, 26 February 2009

Race wraps up

Just back from a divine dinner at Sossusvlei Lodge. We were meant to go for a 6pm game drive and then a bush dinner, but we got rained out. Yes, more torrential downpours in the desert. Wonders never cease. Nonetheless the dinner indoors was fabulous.

I am staying just down the road at Desert Camp. Owned by the same company as the Lodge but this is self catering. Amazing place and stunning design; part canvas and rest brick and mortar. Elegant and most brilliant shower (showers make a place for me).
At low season, now, the rates are about 20% lower and they will get you food with a day's notice. This place is a carnivore's fantasy land with its gemsbok, eland, kudu, springbok, zebra and beef steaks.

As for the event. I am really impressed with these guys. Terry and Gary are the head honchos. And this time this is their company and their baby. There were big changes from last wear and going into this race they had to overcome the stigma from the last. It is hard enough getting a race off the ground without having to deal with stuff another guy did.

Our overnight camps were super. Tents put up for us, matresses provided, hot water available and cutlery, plates and such. No shortage of drinking water.

Routes were well varied and we got to see quite different parts of this area. The would do well to limit some of the long open sections and to include more of the interesting hills and definitly a stage going properly into the dunes.

Overall the terrain was easy, but this changes when the mercury rises. As it gets hotter you get slower and on flat ground you end up walking and roasting. We were very lucky to get this unusual weather for most of this race.

This team has proved their ability to plan and run a very good event and if this is anything to go by the others they have planned will have as much care, consideration and attention. Lots of heart here too from the rest of the team, Andrew, Enid, Kirsty, and partners like Nel from Absolut Tours and the super people from Sossusvlei Lodge, who manned what I call 'elegant' waterpoints in the blazing heat.

Almost home time. I could easily do a few more days here at the pool gazing at the animals and scenery. Early transfer in morning. Nite.

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Unknown said...

Hi Lisa
Well done for what you guys did!! What an incredible achievement.
I laughed out loud about the tuna.
Thank you for taking some pictures!! And also one of my brave brother...Andre.
Hope you have a restful weekend.
Anna-Maria Lombard