Thursday, 26 February 2009

Day 5, race done

A tough 5th day. Hot from the start across an open plain from Dune 45 to the end of the Sossusvlei valley. We realise how far we have run in just the past two days as we are driven back to the Lodge.

Highlight of the stage was climbing Big Daddy dune and descending into Dead Vally. Spectacular.

Took me 4h01 for today's 26km stage. The 4 guys upfront did it in 3h30 and a bit.

Looking forward to a shower shortly and very looking forward to dinner tonight. My days of eating tuna are numbered.

Will try to send a photo later, depending on signal.

11 of the 13 runners finished. Gary with the most awful feet since day 1 dropped out before the dune. He did extra distance too yesterday and has been on those bad feet the whole time. Got great yuckie photos on my camera. I wouldnt have still been in the race if it was me.

Adriano out after day 2 with ITB. Good decision to withdraw because that is one injury that can blow many future years of running if not rested soonest.

Good crowd, experience and race out here.

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