Friday, 20 February 2009

Ready for Nam...ibia

I'm packed! My backpack seems awfully full - and I really haven't packed much. I'm online checking out the weather; I'll definitely leave my light fleece top behind, which I'd packed for night time (I do have a light long sleeved top packed) - it really is too warm out there for fleeces.

Compulsory Equipment
Backpack (Ultra-marathon Running Style)
Sleeping Bag (ground mat optional) - transported by event
Refillable Water Bottles or Bladder (water supplied at CP's)
Signaling mirror
Knife (Swiss Army knife or similar)
Torch: Head Torch, with Spare Batteries
Fire Starter (waterproof matches/lighter etc.)
Bug Spray
Disinfectant Cream (rashes, sores etc)
Foot care Kit - For self-treatment of blisters
Sun Block Lotion and Sun Burn Treatment
Rehydration Sachets (Such as Dioralyte)
Head Cover (Heat/Sun)
Space Blanket
Clothing (Sufficient for 5 Days Running and Race Village)
Safety pins (10)
Mobile Phone
Emergency Rations

On the clothing side I've got one top and 2 x shorts; 1 x long sleeved top (light, for sleeping); lycra tights; and casual shorts & tee for post-stage. I'll decide about the tights tomorrow. My thought is that they'll be for the camp at night - full body cover is great for anti-bug and mozzie protection.

Now, at 22h48 on Friday night, the temperature is 20°C. The coldest it got to last night (Thursday) was 16°C at 06h43 - we'll be running by this time each day. So this is good news about night time temperatures. But, as far as daytime temps go... the high yesterday was 40°C and today it was 38°C. Yeah baby!

Sunrise is at 06:43. Sunset at 19:30. The moon is waning and is only up after 02h00, so it will be pitch black out there. I'm hoping to spot some satellites. I'm busy checking for fly-by schedules. I may get a chance to see Hubble.

> Weather station in Maltahohe, closest station to Sossusvlei

The event website is I don't know whether they will be running race reports during the race. If I have cell phone reception I will try to update this blog with glorious photos of sand dunes.

Till next week...

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