Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Day 3 great running

We had a super runnable route today. Started from a reservoir on private land and ran on stony jeep track for most of the way. Green grasses all around, rocky mountains and wide open plains.

Again we were lucky with the weather. It rained from about 9pm last night until 4ish. Buys (local guy) said that Namibia will normally get a week of rain. These downpours have been going on for almost 2 months. Thats why the desert looks like a grassy plain and not just sands and rock. We are on the border of the Soussvlei Reserve and so not in the main dune fields, which are probably not so grassy. We go back into the reserve tomorrow.

I had a super run today. Tendonitis is bothering me but manageable for now. I changed a lot of things today, like stride, gait and how I lift my left foot to avoid irritating the same tendon. The repetitive motion has certainly had an impact but hopefully not in the same place.

Buys and Willie ruled the day. They finished the stage in about 3h15. The staie was meant to be 40km but I ran 4h05, including a 10min stop at the last checkpoint to change a wet sock (we ran through a flowing river!) that was irritating me. We have a new camp today. Lovely out here. Just had a cool splash in the farm reservoir. Perfect. I'm now chilling with ice on my shin and anti-inflams in my bloodstream. Life is good in Africa.

Just on the organisation... I am glad I took a chance on them. The 4 people from Ambition Events, people from the lodge and Nel, our camp guy are happy to bend over backwards to make sure we are happy. No route or logistical problems thus far. That other guy they had last time was definitly the bad apple.

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