Saturday, 21 February 2009

Green Namibia

Long day. Up at 5am to catch Air Namibia flight to Windhoek. Flight takes two hours.

Met up with some other runners at the airport. Some guys from the UK, SA guy Andre and adventure racer Willie (old team World of Endurance).

We caught one of those overlander trucks to Sossusvlei Lodge via Rietoog and Solitaire. Like many of you I expected Namibia to be like the northern Cape. They have had loads of rain so the countryside is green and lush. The locals say it is not normal. And incredible mountains and kloofs. I was very suprised. This place cries out for an expedition race.
Just had delicious dins at the lodge. On way to our tented camp, which is nearby. We wil spend 3 nights here.

Day One looks neat. Bit of track and rocky mountain. No dunes yet. Havent even seen them yet. It is 22h40. Need to prep for tomorrow. Nite.

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