Monday, 23 February 2009

Day 2 Namibia

A great stage blessed with great weather. We started just inside the Sossusvlei National Park at the base and tip of Elim Dune. It is the longest dune in the World at about 27km. We would finish the stage running alongside the dune for about a third of its length.

First part was on dirt road, good quality. On and on. After about 10km the terrain got more interesting with crossing dry riverbeds and then going through scattered vegetation and then a dry big open gravel plain.

First waterpoint had all the bells and whistles. Adriano, the Italian guy, had just left and then he came back for the medic to look at his left knee. He stayed with me past the second waterpoint 9km later and lost ground from there. He got transport from the 3rd and last waterpoint.

At this last stop, with 14km to go, the Lodge guy had the most amazing peanut cookies there. I don't eat cookies when I run so I passed on them and as I didnt have anything to put them in I couldnt do takeaway. Willie says he ate one and they are as good as they look. I asked the guy to try to get some to me at the finish. Willie are going to work some favours tonight to get some brought to us.

The last section was straight forward and mostly at a slight downhill gradient. I picked up a bit of inflammation left shin so couldnt take too much advantage of it. I aimed to minimise damage. I think the reason was laces a bit too tight as it heated up. I did loosen them and it helped the inflammation not to get worse. With some TLC now and tonight it should be fine tomorrow. Aside from this my feet are perfect. New gaiters are working well.

Injuries in the camp include dehydration (a guy yesterday), cramping, ITB and, of course, blisters. The one UK guy Gary was bad yesterday. Raw patch under ball of foot. And he got out there again today. This is the thing about these races; lots of courage out here.

On the temperatures. We roasted yesterday. Today we cooked from 1st waterpoint to 2nd. And the more clouds came over and we also got the most perfect breeze all the way home.

Yesterday I drank about 4.5l on the run (and lotß after plus rehidrat) and today I drank over 5l. Busy drinking lots now. I find we pee in the morning and then it takes a few hours and lots of water post run to go again.

Photo of a fairy cirle. Hundreds around. Diametre of 2-4m. I dont know the deal with them but Andre says there was a Discovery or Nat Geo doccie on them. Oh dear. I didnt take a photo of them on phone. Will try to tomorrow.

Other pic is view of last 12km or so to Elim Dune base (red sand centre of pic).

44km today. Buys won again in just over 5hrs. Next bunch were about 30mins later. I was 8th 30mins later in 6h01.

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