Monday, 3 May 2010

can't or won't?

I teach a dance class on Wednesday nights and this week I'm attending an instructor's workshop on more advanced moves and associated teaching techniques. There's a girl on the course who was with me when I did the initial instructor course 18-months ago. Almost every sentence that comes out of her mouth contains the words "but", "if" and "can't".

She's not alone either - I hear this every Wednesday too. My standard response? "Can't or won't?"

Needless to say, I've been immensely irritated today because this lass, who is perfectly competent, is either fishing for attention and constant reassurance or she is so in the habit of thinking herself down before attempting anything that she doesn't know any different. She has learned to doubt instead of do.


As I've recommended with disciplines, distances, events and such, just friggin' try!

Stop with those excuses.

But what? But nothing.

If what? If nothing.

Can't what? It's not can't dude. In my class there's no such thing as can't. You're here because you want me to teach you. Just as you won't lose weight by walking through the doors of a gym, so you won't ever get swan, scorpion or invert barbie moves if you don't friggin' try.

And just because you don't get it first time, doesn't mean you'll never get it. You didn't ride a bicycle the first time you tried; and I bet you stalled your dad's car your first time you sat in the driver's seat. But you can do these things now eh?

And if you don't want to try? The joy of free will; you can do what ever you want to - or don't want to. Please just don't use that word "can't".

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