Thursday, 20 May 2010

I hate being cold

I drive past beggars daily, experiencing a multitude of encounters at intersections. I walk out into my garden or stand near the gate and I'm accosted by opportunistic passersby. And then there are the car guards; even in pay-for-parking centres.

Faced with so much need we have to pick our causes, unable to help everyone. In my case my causes are closer to home - people I regularly encounter and whom I'm able to assist. But that means saying no to the other 99%.

Although my heart goes out to the old, disabled, abandoned... actually all of them on the roads, I'm getting colder. I make a point of acknowledging every person that comes to my window; I've done the Wits Rag thing so I have a part-experience of being out on the road and I think that ignoring someone is unacceptable. The only problem is that it opens you to harrassment.

I resent being in an environment that forces one to harden. But, it's part of life and I guess the key is to temper the cold with warmth to achieve an odd balance.

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