Thursday 20 May 2010

Drawing in pencil

Last week I attended a drawing class. I've been wanting to do so for years and finally a local studio showed up on a search, which I do every few months. My inclination is towards pencil only; I have no attraction to pastels and oils. I like the simplicity of a pencil sketch.

At varsity my scientific drawings were pretty good. My dissection of a skink skull (like a lizard) and drawings of the skull ended up in the Zoology museum. But I've rarely drawn anything else despite an inclination. The teacher took me through some basics and then suggested I draw my hand; a lesson standard. Although it's a bit off on proportion and lots more detail to be added, I'm quite chuffed with my first attempt. Probably took about 30 mins and a lot of focus!

I have not yet committed to the lessons although I like the place (nice 'n local) and the teacher. Lots to learn about light and lines. Mmmmm...

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