Monday, 24 May 2010

The life-sapping conditions of modern city life

I'm currently reading, 'Great Exploration Hoaxes', by David Edwards. The book details 10 great expeditions, which contain untruths. Like Peary claiming to be the first to reach the North Pole, Dr Cook (the mountaineer, not the Captain) claiming to be the first to summit Mt McKinley, the first descent of the Colorado... Very interesting read.

In the Dr Cook chapter I spotted the following gem, which Edwards introduces as follows:

"Like many an outdoorsman of today, Cook romanticized the wilderness and in Return from the pole [published in 1952] placed it in dramatic opposition to "the life-sapping conditions of modern city life," in which

physical exercise is prohibited by the limits of space and the ease of mechanical locomotion; mental energy is strained to cope with the maddening pace of this material age. The stomach is abused by unnatural foods, the liver and kidney are hardened by poisonous drink, the lungs breathe a hothouse germ-cultivated air, the muscles wither from disease.
I'd love to read what he could have written about 2010...

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